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  Snap 2 Ship, Etc. At Snap2, we treat customers as real individuals so that you'll come back again and again. From mailing services to Shredding sales, our business philosphy is to offer you personalized service, the best pricing and overall more service for the money... Our location is at 9802 Baymeadows Road, Suite 12, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Phone: 904-645-9301, Fax: 904-645-930  


  Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival Northeast Florida Scottish Games and Festival are celebrating 20 years of bringing a "wee bit o Scotland" to the Northeast Florida area. Each year residents of Northeast Florida and the surrounding areas gather and enjoy the athletics, music, food and fun of the games. The Games continue to grow and reflect the deep connections and effects the Scots and their descendants have had on the United States as well as Northeast Florida in particular. As always the event will be held the last Saturday of February.  
  St Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival Find the CELT in YOU as you take in the sights, sounds and tastes of centuries of European history in the Nations Oldest City, founded by SPANISH CELTS. Celtic Clans show their ancestral pride, Highland Games athletes demonstrate their mind-boggling strength, vendors offer up Celtic cuisine and hand-made crafts, and the St. Patricks Day Parade marches through the streets of the Ancient Citys Historic District.  
  Lannadoo Jacksonville Celtic Festival Its LA-NAH-DEW, right? From the Gaelic, "leann dubh" meaning "dark beer". How ever you say it, we just know it's a great reason to gather. The 2015 Lannadoo Jacksonville Celtic Fest & Fair is a free, one-of-a-kind, weekend-long Celtic heritage festival held in November. The festival will showcase the best of the Celtic nations in a unique celebration of culture, music and heritage, all taking place in Jacksonville Beach!  
  First Coast Highlanders Pipes and Drums Inc. Organized in 2009, The First Coast Highlanders is a Highland Bagpipe Band based in Clay County Florida. Pipe bands have a rich heritage and have long been associated with Police, Fire Departments and Military Units throughout the world. FCH is a performance and entertainment pipe band, a teaching organization and a cultural group. They are a community based band and promote Celtic culture through music. Their goal is to encourage and support the Celtic culture in our community by providing instruction to anyone interested in learning the Highland Bagpipes and Drums.  
  Jacksonville Pipes and Drums Inc. Organized in 1984, Jacksonville Pipes and Drums Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting greater public recognition and appreciation of the history, traditions, contributions, sacrifices, roles and missions of the men and women of Celtic Heritage. They strive to do this through various public and private activities including memorial services, military balls, highland games, patriotic / military parades, public ceremonies, public concerts, and private performances.  
  The Scottish American Military Society (SAMS) is a non-profit organization which preserves and promotes Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage. The Society was founded as a veterans organization. The membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served ￿￿ or are serving ￿￿ in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth. If you support the purposes shown above, we would welcome your membership if you qualify. Membership is open to honorably discharged veterans or active duty or reserve military persons who have served or are serving with any branch of the United States or Commonwealth Armed Forces.  
  Scottish Highland Dance Classes in Jacksonville! Contact Tracy Baker Williams at No experience is required. Dancers classes are for children ages 4 and up.  
  Scottish Country Dance Thursday Evenings 7:00-9:00 pm at Mark Spivak's Dance Studio, 3740 San Jose Pl., Jacksonville (Mandarin)
Contact info:  Anne Hueser


  Culhane's Irish Pub is a place of camaraderie where old friends meet new friends. It exemplifies the best of Irish hospitality, where we are devoted to excellent food, service, and great european pints..all the while enjoying true Irish ambiance. The Culhane Sisters were born and raised in county Limerick, Ireland. It is our hope that we have brought to America a piece of Ireland that will make our public house part of your life and community. We look forward to your visit at the pub.  
  Ann O'Malleys Irish Pub Come and join the locals at their favorite Irish Pub! Ann O'Malley's has been called "The Local's Local" and when you visit you'll see that we treat you like you're one of the family. If you're looking for the best place for a pint, a great sandwich or to watch your favorite Soccer, Rugby, Football, Baseball, Hockey or Basketball game, then you have found the place to be in Saint Augustine. Each week we have daily specials, an open mic night, a pub quiz night and great live music for you to enjoy  
  Finn MacCool's Irish PUb Fionn mac Cumhaill or Finn McCool is known for being a great warrior in Irish myths. He was the greatest leader of the Fianna, an elite military clan responsible for the protection of the High King of Ireland. Fionn implemented a code of honor into the Fianna; which had a reputation for being somewhat unruly. Another legend includes Fionn as a giant, creating the Giant’s Causeway, a peculiar series of volcanic rock formations along the coast of Ireland. He did this to challenge a Scottish giant to a fight and allow passage from Scotland to Ireland.  


Research Resources
  The Scottish Tartans Museum was founded by The Scottish Tartans Society (STS), to encourage research into Highland Dress, and to provide a design service for new tartans. Currently the STS no longer maintains an active membership or a tartan database, but the Scottish Tartans Museum continues in its work to promote Scottish Highland dress and educate the public about tartan.  
  The Scottish Register of Tartans (the Register) is a national repository of tartan designs. It is an on-line website database facility maintained by the National Archives of Scotland, an executive agency of the Scottish Government.  
  The Scottish Tartans Authority is a Scottish charity with the major objective of promoting a deeper knowledge of Scottish Tartans, their origins, manufacture, use, history and development. They study, record and stimulate research on the subject.  
  Scottish Ancestors is a Scottish genealogy company researching for over 20 years into Scottish ancestry. Based in Central Scotland, they conduct all research out of New Register House in Edinburgh. Different packages are offered to suit specific needs and budgets.  


  D C Dalgleish Kilts can weave almost any tartan ever recorded... or imaginable! From this site you can search official tartans in the Scottish Tartans Register. They can further advise based on the thousands more specimen shade variants in our historic samples library. You can send us your sample (or image) to match. Or you can even design your own tartan!
  The Celtic Croft has a complete line of Kilts and tartans! Kilts to fit any period or budget! Six different styles to choose from, from ancient to modern. Whether you're looking for the "Braveheart" look, a classic Great Kilt, or a modern formal or Casual Kilt, we've got a kilt for you! We have Scottish Kilts, Irish Kilts, Welsh Kilts, and many other tartans to choose from!  
  The Scottish Tartans Museum Giftshop stocks a wide selection of Highland apparel, tartan accessories, books, DVDs, and Scottish foods. All purchases made through the gift shop go to support the museum.  
  Scotweb is the largest online retailer of highland apparel and accessories.  


Additional Clan Societies (not listed under Tartan Banners)