The St. Andrew's Society of Jacksonville

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Member Photos

From left to right, Letha and Jim Woolbright, Richard Cardell, Janet Gervin.

Ann Reilly, Rob Taylor, E.J. Taylor

Soon, the big room began to fill. We were to have more than 140 attendees at this year's Burns' Nicht celebration.

The celebrants filtered in, elegantly attired and prepared for a wonderful evening.

We took our places at table for a repast which included Cock-a-Leekie soup, Tatties and Neeps, Sirloin Beef Strip Loin, Vegetable Medley, Rolls with Butter, and Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce.

At 7:00 the Society Officers officially entered. Left to right, Pioper and Board of Managers Member Joe, McKie; President Mairi Dilmuth; Vice-President Bonnie Hamm; Secretary Chrissy Verdin; Treasurer Alice S.; Membership Secretary Liz Olson; Board Member Christy Gibson; and Webmaster Kevin Burke.

We couldnt fit Board Member Richard Cardell into the first frame, so we'll ask him to step forward.

Rob Taylor served as Master of Ceremonies for the first half of the evening.

Mairi Dilmuth Gives the opening address.

The Haggis arrived in the company of Eddie S. and Piper Joe McKie.

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